Stanley Kubi was a pleasant surprise, because I had not liked them all that much so far. But this time I did. Hardcore with unexpected instruments but also a band that dumps the mandatory aggresivity and goes with a festive friendliness instead. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally heed Macario’s advice to be openminded and let curiosity take over. I like the guy and it’s a relief to have come to honestly like his music too.

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X-Mist totally hit the point when describing this band as some sort of mix between NoMeansNo and Gogol Bordello. I could not possibly come up with a better description. At least not with one that short and accurate. So let me try to find a longer one…
At first I thought The Company With The Golden Arm would have released a Balkans folk record but this impression only lasted a few seconds. This is rather a “gypsy” band gone totally insane and out of control. With a singer whose style reminds me of Mike Patton in better days this French band is about as folk as Deerhoof are pop or Kid 606 is techno. There is a certain kind of folky foundation. The horns and other un-rock instruments recall either bands like Mahala Rai Banda or the rural side of French chanson. Harsh breaks and extreme changes in directions rule supreme but somehow there is still something like structure to the songs and sometimes there are even catchy passages (check “add jealousy”!).
This record is some sort of homage to Stanley Kubrick’s movie “barry lyndon”. I don’t know that movie and I ain’t no big fan of Kubrick’s (“path of glory” was awesome however!). But the music surely fits his sometimes far out style of directing a movie. It also reminds me of another band that put out a movie-themed record some years ago: Fantômas. Just take away the metal and add some folklore and you’ll come pretty close to Stanley Kubi.
If you were down with other rather insane stuff on The Company With The Golden Arm like Experimental Dental School or Limited Express or if you like music that is really unique and challenging then this record is something you should not miss.

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Stanley Kubi : Excellent! A French band self defined as surf-bossanova. Complete crazyness. The singer forbids any applause, and shared whiskey with the audience. I hope I'll find their record somewhere... they're rather unknown for now. Too weird for the mainstream audience. Meanwhile my brothers and cousins went to see The Servant. Teenagers... bah...

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A pretty wild and totally crazy orchestra from France! Sounds kinda like NOMEANSNO had teamed up with GOGOL BORDELLO and Jello Biafra as singer, to play classical baroque-inspired music in a totally hectic style! 13 songs in 37 minutes, inspired by Stanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon" (as the cover states).

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Stanley Kubi - a slap in the face ! ! ! Mr. Bungle-esque, a voice between Biafra and Dillinger Escape Plan ( ! ), electric mandolin, free booze shared with the crowd, 100% energy ! ! ! Nice attitude, too. For french old punks, it reminds me of "Les Gnomes", but maybe it's just me.

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Went yesterday to another Burn Out event, this time half the bands were Punk and the other half well... It was our old friends Logistik/Stanley kubi (...).
The concert was nice, the bands were good. There were all the local Punks (and Punk wannabes) though, which meant :
- Horrible body smell.
- At least 5 people totally drunk since the beginning ===> Falling in the stairs, or just falling down, falling asleep in corners etc etc.
- Being Punk often means moshing like an idiot screaming something about "equality" or the police. The mosh was quite 'nice' though, even if Buche was so drunk he was running all over the place and slipping every 5 minutes.
- Plenty of beer flying everywhere (Punks haven't understood it's not a clever idea to mosh while holding a full beer can).
But all together the spirit was cool.

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In France, Stanley Kubi are a recognised group, they compose film music, too. They present a mix of Hard core and French chansons.

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A French weirdo Kubrick-inspired hardcore band. The singer sounds amazingly like Jello Biafra at times.

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